Investment promotion tools in the MEDA region (2004)

Editeur : Anima/Edisud, 2004
Auteurs : Fabrice Hatem, Benedict de Saint-Laurent

Investment promotion tools in the MEDA region
Anima Papers & studies n°2

investment Greater co-operation and exchange of experiences between investment promotion agencies (IPA) in the MEDA region requires an in-depth mutual knowledge of national prospecting mechanisms. The survey conducted in 2003-2004 on this matter among ANIMA’s national partner agencies revealed the following :

– The development of investment promotion initiatives follows a general trend towards opening up to foreign investment in the euro-mediterranean region. Although some countries, such as Malta, Jordan and Tunisia played a leading role un this regard, only recently have promotion policies been implemented in the region ;

– Investment promotion agencies frequently fall under government departments in charge of either regulating foreign investment or of investment planning within the context of a planned economy. Their status, structures, areas of intervention, recruitment and funding methods are still very influenced by this background ;

– Progressive changes towards organisational structures should, however, be highlighted : establishment of independent specialized agencies, desire to include private sector in the initiative, and even start of diversification in recruitment ;

– Lastly, the lack of financial resources at the disposal of most agencies in the MEDA countries hinders the introduction of proactive large-scale promotion policies (own prospecting network, targeted prospecting operations).

This study confirms the interest in regional co-operation within the framework of the ANIMA programme.

ISBN : 2-915719-05-5

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