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International investment : towards the year 2002

Editeur : DII/CNUCED/Arthur Andersen, 1998
Auteur : Fabrice Hatem

International Investment : Towards the Year 2002

aa2002 This third annual survey reviews medium-term trends in foreign direct investment around the world as seen by 300 managers of transnational corporations and international experts. It analyses the impact of recent economic developments, most notably the Asian crisis, and looks how United States, European and Asian corporations are expanding their international presence. Projected investments are broken down by host and source country. Main criteria used by transnational companies in organizing moves abroad are reviewed, as are new sectors targeted bu international investments.

This study was realized under the auspices of the « Invest in France Mission » of France, in cooperation with Unctad, Datar and Arthur Andersen.

ISBN 92-1-200340-0

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