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Oggun’s Anger : Juan Carlos Papucho Pedroso

papauog2 This is the title of a video documentary that I made at spring 2011 with my friend Jérémie Rosenstein about the cuban dancer Juan Carlos "Papucho" Pedroso.

Born in the region of Matanzas, Papucho lives since 2005 in Geneva where he teaches cuban dances and takes part to shows, especially with the afro-cuban group Wemilere.
Through its rich personnal and artistic trajectory, it is a large part of the contemporary afro-cuban culture which we can discover, as well as the destinies of the men and women who give life to it .

You can watch this video by clicking on the following link : vidéo

You can also read the written interview (in french) that I made with Papucho at the same occasion by clicking on the following link : interview.

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