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International Investment : Towards the Year 2001(1997)

Editeur : Arthur Andersen/Cnuced/DII, 1997
Auteur : Fabrice Hatem

International Investment : Towards the Year 2001

aa2001 The study provides indications of current trends in international investment flows and likely developments through to the begeinnning of the next century. Its finding are that there wll be a sharp rise in foreign investment as sales and production become pore international. this will increasingly occur through acquisitions, joint-ventures and alliances. Other main conclusions are that the United States and Western Europe will remain the major host regions in terms of foreing direct invesment stocks despite the growing attractiveness of developping economies, and that the principal determinant for investing abroad will remain to gain market access.

This study was realised under the auspices of the « ‘Invest in France Mission » of France, in cooperation with Datar, Unctad and Arthur Andersen.

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